Frequently Asked Support Questions


What type of support can I offer ?

Depends upon the type of institution or individual, you can add a lot of value to our cause. It can be either in the form of your time or monetory resources.


Why should I support Mbao ?

We intend to widen and deepen financial inclusion for millions of people in Kenya and beyond. Your supporting hands will mean a lot for all these people and have a greater impact in their lives.


I represent a development partner, how can we support ?

We take collaborative approach with development partners. Please get in touch with us for discussion on the best approach including research, impact intervention, scaling, grant support, etc. 


As a government agencies how can we support ?

Government agencies are instrumental in shaping conducive policies for the stakeholders. Please feel free to contact us to discuss possible collaboration for your region. 


As a Non governmental agencies how can we support your cause ?

As a NGO, you could have either grassroot level access or financial resources which would both be instrumental in furthering our agenda to support the informal sector and deepen financial inclusion. Please contact us to discuss opportunities for partnership.


We are a private organisation and we are interested in supporting mbao. How can we work together ?

Firstly, if you are an Kenya based organisation all your employees are welcomed to join mbao pension as an individual to supplement their statutory contribution towards national pension plan. Secondly, as part of your CSR you can choose to support us financially and technically from any part of the world. Please reach us to discuss further. 


We are a media company/content creator; how do I support this movement ?

As a media house you can assist in increasing awareness of Mbao pension impact. As a credible content creator we can join hands to create truthful, meaningful and impactful content for financial sector deepening. Lets connect to discuss possible collaboration opportunities.  


I am a individual who would like to give my time and share my knowledge ?

We welcome you, to join us as a pro bono volunteer, regardless of where you are based. Even if you are a student looking for internship, technology genius, communication expert, management professional, legal pro, social security specialist or knowledge seeker; we welcome one and all. All our past volunteers have gathered and shared immense knowledge while working with us. Connect with us to kick start your journey. 

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In Africa the disparity between the have’s and have not’s keeps widening with every passing day. Even a little support from you goes a long way in bridging the gap. You are the happiest when you do the most for others.

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