Frequently Asked Registration Questions


What is Mbao pension plan?

Its a registered Individual Private Pension (IPP), regulated by Retirement Benefit Authority (RBA) of Kenya. It helps you to save regularly over long term so that you can recieve funds when you retire from your worklife.


How much do I have to save regularly ?

Mbao pension is a flexi contribution plan. We encourage members to save atleast 20 Ksh daily. The more you save the better your retirement corpus would be. 


Am I eligible to join Mbao pension plan ?

All Kenyan residents above the age of 18 years, with a valid national ID or passport may register to join.  The registrant should also have a registered and active mobile money account like mpesa or airtel money.


How do I become a Mbao pension member ?

Once you satisfy the eligibility criteria then feel free to fill up the above registration form and submit.


Is there a penalty if I am unable to regularly save ?

The beauty of mbao pension plan, is that it allows members to same at their own convenience without imposing any hard restrictions as we understand the seasonality of your earnings. Hence this plan does not impose any penalties.


Is there a registration fees ?

A prospective interested member can self register through this website free of charge. However if the interested member is assisted in the registration by our registered agent or marketing personnel than a very nominal fee of 100 Ksh is charged to cater for the activation support cost. This fee is an one time fee only. 


How do I contact member support ?

For common querries you can check our exhaustive FAQ section, and if you still have a querry you can still fill our Service Request form.

Click here to Chat or You can also connect with member support through the green whatsapp bubble button at the bottom right corner of this mbaopension website.

Mbao also has a dedicated helpline. You can reach out on +254(0)729887587 (Safaricom), +254(0)731107109 (Airtel).


How should we start contributing ?

Please make sure you first register using the above form, and then attend one of our online sessions which will offer you the detailed explanation.

Also please feel free to visit out Contribute page for more details.


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