Mbao Pension Plan

Pioneer in individual private pension plan with voluntary contributary flexi digital payments, since 2010.

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Institutional framework

Mbao pension is a private pension plan launched in Kenya more than a decade back with support of reputed partners under the able guidance of government of Kenya to tackle the lack of social safety net with special focus on the informal sector workers, Micro Small Medium Enterprises workers and the self employed Kenyan residents. Strong institutional framework has been established for the governance of Mbao pension.   

Secretariat / Sponsor

Central to effective governance. Founder, Promoter & sponsor of the mbao pension plan. Solely responsible for appointment and discharge of all the service providers. This permanent pro bono administrative office is responsible for managing the operations, promotions & awareness, new member onboarding,  continuous member engagement and feedback, customer helpline, claims management. 

Fund Custodian

A  financial institution that is responsible for holding and safeguarding the securities owned within mbao pension

Fund manager

They are responsible for implementing mbao pension fund’s investment strategy and managing its trading activities.

Corporate Trustee

Their role is to act in the interests of sponsor  and investors by being an independent supervisor of the security and a custodian of assets.

System admin

Role is to maintain integration with payment gateways and  record keeping of individual contribution and balances in real time.

Payment channel partners

To provide and enable platform for digital transaction for members of the mbao pension plan. They track and maintain member transactions. Transactions are enabled through mobile money as well as bank transfers.


Their core mandate is to regulate, supervise the establishment and management of retirement benefit plans while protecting the interests of members and sponsors of retirement benefits sector.

Why Choose Us

Our team of skilled professionals have more than a decade of experience and have been the frontrunner in championing financial inclusivity for all in Kenya. We are just a click away to serve your long term financial retirement planning.


Inclusivity for low income earners


Cashless digital payments


Flexi voluntary payments


Simple & easy to use


Anytime anywhere contribution


Mobile money integration


Works on basic feature phone


No penalties

Rest Assured, You are Covered

We take the complexity and doubt out of retirement planning and replace it with knowledge and clarity—so you can invest in your financial future with confidence. We help everyone enjoy a happy retirement, by creating a pension that’s fit for the 21st century

Self employed. A regular contributor for 6 years. Used the maturity fund to buy a second hand vehicle. Still contributes 600 Ksh every week to pension


Car mechanic. regular contributor for last 4 years Contributed 104 times in a year. Each time a minimum of 300 Ksh. Plans to build his home on retirement with MBAO pension savings


Currently working as a nanny. Have been saving with MBAO pension for the last 9 years. This pension will be my support during my sunset years, when I will no longer be able to work.

– Hellen

Featured in

"A key feature of the scheme is the ease of payment: participants can contribute anywhere and anytime over a mobile phone."

– World Bank Group

"The Mbao Pension Plan has struck a delicate balance between the need for long-term savings and imminent demands of life that necessitate early withdrawal in certain circumstances."

– Herald

"MPP is flexible – one can access money before 50 years which is not the case with other pension schemes. There are no penalties for delayed remittances."

– European Union

"defining characteristic is its extensive use of mobile phone technology to facilitate transactions."

United Nations Office for SSC

"highly flexible in allowing for irregular and fluctuating contributions."


"formal pensions are unsuitable for the majority of workers globally there have been attempts to adapt the traditional pension scheme to be more appropriate for the informal sector - The Mbao pension scheme in Kenya"

Helpage International

A heartfelt gratitude to our members & partners

We thank our members for believing and trusting us for more than a decade with their hard earned money. Its been an amazing journey so far from a humble beginning and together lets work towards many more milestones.

We would also like to thank each and every partner, supporter, volunteer and change agent who has been intrumental in making this a success.

A shout out to some of our long term collaborators; Retirement Benefit Authority of Kenya, Kenya Commercial Bank, Eagle Africa,  Coop – Trust investment services, Safaricom Mpesa, Airtel Money and Juakali Associations in Kenya.

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